My favourite sport in the whole wide world is Rugby. This sport is a game played by two teams with 15 players each who try to earn points by getting the ball across the opponent’s goal line or kicking it over the crossbar between the goalposts.
It’s a very fast-moving game with very few stops in the action and continuous change of possession and it is widely compared to a harsher American Football but without protective padding so some may say it is more of a manly sport.
Every player on the field has to be able to play offense and defense because they may all have opportunities to run, pass, kick, and catch the ball as well as defend and tackle opponents.
Although rugby may seem like a dangerous and reckless sport it is quite the opposite, Rugby can show you tons of life skills for the future and help you practice important qualities. Such skills include: team work, communication, change, resilience and most importantly respect.

Connor Twentyman.