I would like to start off by saying that this fair has been going on for years and has a great mix of history and culture jampacked in 13 days and is held on the first fortnight of every month. In the old days goods such as wheat , lemons, time and spices like oregano were exchanged and the midevil fair was a great way to disconnect and celebrate true tradition. I personally love this time of year since you can do many things ranging from watching traditional dances preformed by people rom the region as well as the section of orchards, wine and handcrafts fair, even bullfighting in the Condomina bullring is available although it is not my cup of tea. I remember when i first arrived to Murcia one of my Murcian friends asked me ¨Would you like to try a paparajote¨? and I said ´´Sure!´´, what he did not tell me is that i was not suppose to eat the leaf . Well, to make a long story short I ate it and ofcourse it´s a common prank that murcianos play on newcomers who visit this city.

Word of the week:

Fortnight: a period of two weeks


That is my cup of tea: something you like

That is not my cup of tea: something you do not like