La Academia

En Piccadilly School encontrarás tu espacio perfecto para aprender inglés

con los mejores profesores nativos en una zona privilegiada y verde de Murcia

Desenvuélvete en inglés

Hemos diseñado diversos grupos y enfoques para que alcances la meta


Nuestros profesores son nativos y con experiencia docente. ¡Pero sobre todo entusiastas con su trabajo!

Rafael Andrew Small

Hi there my friends call me Ralph and I come from the good old U.S.A and I truly love travelling throughout the world and visiting new countries. Teaching English is a passion for me not just a job so I enjoy every minute of it.
Some things I like doing in my free time are riding motocross bikes, doing activities related with sport such as rockclimbing, swimming at the beach and so on. Since I´m in sunny Spain I also like sunbathing.

Laura Suárez

Hi everyone! My name is Laura. I enjoy travelling, all sorts of music, delicious food and sports. I love watching my students take their English to new levels here at Piccadilly School Murcia. Always remember – continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.

Connor Twentyman

Hi my name is Connor. I´m a huge rugby fan and like to play in my free time. I’m also an adrenaline addict. I’ve been living in Spain now for many years so you could say I´m half Spanish, I love working with the guys at Piccadilly school it´s such a laugh and were always improving and sharing knowledges.