Are you looking for Spanish courses instead? We can help you too! Learn Spanish in the diverse city of Murcia, filled with students and adults of all ages and nationalities. Be your best version and get to know the city with us.


Getting around the city

Why come to Murcia to learn Spanish?

Hundred reasons

  • Our school is small and each student receives personalized attention.  Our welcoming spirit differentiates us.
  • You will be completely immersed in the local language and culture during your stay. Murcia is different from other more frequented tourist destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona or Alicante and you are unlikely to hear languages other than Spanish. So relax, enjoy some local tapas and practice your English to the fullest!
  • Founded by the Moors in the year 825, Murcia is a melting pot of cultures: Arab, Christian and Jewish.  You can be sure of the abundance of food, drinks and leisure.
  • It’s surprisingly easy to get around on foot. The vast majority of the places where you will need to go, including accomodation and possible host family homes are near or in the centre of the city.
  • The weather! Escape with us to Murcia and enjoy 330 days of sunshine per year. We are the third sunniest region in Spain.
  • Murcia is a very safe city compared to many others such as Malaga, Alicante or Barcelona. You can walk safely through the streets at any time of the day. In fact, according to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, Murcia is one of the safest regions in Spain.
  • The food, that is, the tapas, which are said to be some of the best in Spain and a paradise for vegetarians. Washed down with a caña or two, of course!
  • The Murcia-San Javier MJV airport offers direct flights from many European cities. Being a smaller airport, it is more convenient and less stressful to travel through here. The Alicante ALCairport is also only 45 minutes away.
  • If you are looking for beaches and the sea, Murcia is your ideal place. Our 250km of coast feature many beaches as well as 18 nature conservation areas, fields, mountains and valleys. Outdoors activities are a must and you can enjoy them all year round.
  • Two universities and more than 40,000 students account for a very busy nightlife.
  • Beautiful parks, sports facilities,museums, theatres and clubs in the city offer countless opportunities to enjoy your time in Murcia and experience life a la española.

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